Systematic Kinesiology

Systematic Kinesiology is a naturopathic modality that uses muscle-testing to find and identify root causes and solutions to physical and emotional issues. It is tailored to each individual’s unique biochemistry as well as, nutritional mental, emotional and energetic states. It is suitable for all ages including infants and health conditions. It is also non-invasive and highly effective for acute conditions as well as for maintaining well-being.

Saadia Baig is a warm, compassionate and experienced Kinesiologist, who also teaches at the renowned Academy of Systematic Kinesiology. She is an expert at how emotional traumas can be held in the body, as well as digestive, hormonal and immune issues. Treatment involves a comprehensive questionnaire, muscle testing and involves lymphatic massage, holding acupressure points, looking for nutritional deficiencies/gaps, addressing food intolerances, emotional techniques with Bush/Bach flowers and much more.

Sessions are £120 for 1.5 hrs. To book, please contact Saadia at 07719049485 or [email protected]

Triangle Osteopaths

Triangle Osteopaths offer treatment for a range of problems including common issues such as lower back and neck pain. Charlie, Alex and Holly are all skilled, highly qualified practitioners registered with the General Osteopathic Council and are eager to help you.

Their “structural” hands-on treatment style means using a combination of techniques including massage, stretching, joint articulation and manipulation (where appropriate), as well as exercise-based rehabilitation, to help your body recover from whatever it’s going through.


Naturopathic Health Consultations

Naturopathy is a philosophy that involves treating the individual, and that everyone is unique. Our highly-skilled naturopath Izzy Kirkby recognises that everyone has their own story, and uses the tools of nature, including herbal medicine, ayuverda and nutritional therapy, to help it heal along the way.

Izzy consults with you to ask lots of questions about your symptoms, medical history, diet and lifestyle. This helps her to understand what could be the driving factors behind your issues and find solutions for you. She might look at your eyes, tongue, and nails or recommend further diagnostic tests. You will then leave with a plan for you. Treatment will be primarily herbal medicine but it may include advice on diet, lifestyle, and supplements.

First sessions are £95 for 1.5hrs and follow-ups are £50 for 45mins. Herbal medicines: costs will vary but expect around £45 per month.

To book with Izzy, you can visit https://izzyliving.com, email [email protected] or call/text +447769862912

Sound massage with aromatherapy, theta healing and vibrational remedies

Sound massage with aromatherapy, theta healing and vibrational remediesAgata Serwotka uses Sound Healing in all of her treatments as well as Essential Oils and Aura Sprays. Agata is highly intuitive and addresses all aspects of human wellbeing – the physical, emotional and spiritual.

She is also a qualified Doula. Contact Agata at [email protected] or call/text 07737473062

– Sound Bath with Aromatherapy 90mins… £140
– Theta Healing 90mins… £140
– Transformative & empowering healing package 4-6 weeks … £600
– Pregnancy & Birth Coaching … upon request


Stretch therapy and Pilates to help you feel stronger, more flexible, improve posture, mobility and relieve stress/tension.

Intuitive, caring and curious, Kay teaches efficient, functional moves that will improve posture and alignment, showing you how to mobilise your joints, strengthen weaknesses & ease tension & pain – making you feel unstoppable.

60 mins from £60 / 30 mins from £35 (depending on location).

Book online: www.unfoldpilates.com

Contact Kay on [email protected] or +44 7766731553

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